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What our clients are saying

Melvyn Abraham-Hagan

What I enjoyed about TM was the ability for the course to allow me to separate myself from the daily grind of the mind. It gave me the ability to create a space in my mind where I could become the observer. TM also allowed me to become more self aware and understanding the mechanics of ones own mind.

Adam is a wonderful teacher. He used empathy well to understand me and really connected with me on an emotional level. His delivery of his teachings was great. I would recommend him to anyone, who is looking to transcend any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from becoming the greatest versions of themselves.

First experience of TM was very insightful. I felt my meeting with Adam was synchronistic as if sweetly co-ordinated by the universe. Truly Grateful for the experience.

Definitely looking to expand my understanding of meditation. Once I become more adept in my understanding of TM, I would like to teach others and host retreats to really get people in touch with their inner most beings.


I was introduced to the transidental meditation in the write moment of my life. I really enjoyed the whole process, but most of all I liked the part where I didn’t need to force anything but simply allow it to be.

I think Adam is a great teacher as I can feel the passion for teaching in his heart. He is very devoted of what he is doing and always will answer any question that may arise during the process. The meditation has help all areas of my life and mainly I learned that I need rest as much as I need movement.

This has put me into a better state of being, feeling more connected to my purpose in life. My first experience was amazing I felt my head was really heavy falling deep into relaxation and feeling I am surrounded by bright white light.

I would personally recommend anyone who wants to align with their true self this practice and mostly Adam as a teacher.

Jason Stennett

I found the course to be extremely insightful and gave me a new perspective on meditation.

I thought Adam was very informative and professional regarding his approach and understanding of Transcendental Meditation. Adam is clearly passionate about Meditation and this permeates through his explanation and teachings.

Exactly what I expected thankfully, as I researched Transcendental Meditation in detail. I was initially interested in TM due to its simplicity and convenience.

I would recommend learning TM with Adam, as he is not only passionate, but also very thorough.

Jack Warner

I have tried many types of meditation before, however I found transcendental mediation (TM) the simplest and the most efficient at cleansing the mind and getting to the point of absolute being. My first experience of transcendence through meditation was very strange. I felt my body starting to twitch as the mantra began connecting with my nervous system and then was in a very calm and clear state of mind, something or somewhere that I had not experienced before.

I really enjoyed how TM course was spread out over 21 days which gave us time to adapt the meditation and for me to ask any questions that I had about my experiences of transcendence. It was also great to be able to learn the origins and science behind this form of meditation, topics which I could discuss and expand on with Adam at any point.

Adam is an amazing teacher who has an incredibly broad knowledge of his field. I really felt like he related with my situation and was there to answer any questions I had about my meditation. Very caring and tailors the course to the individual. Very open, kind, enthusiastic, and funny. Always there for support if you have any questions about the meditation. Adam is a very open and kind person who’s passion and enthusiasms for TM inspired me. It was great to be able to learn from him and I have already recommended him to a number of my friends.

Having struggled with depression for the last 15 years of my life and trying another forms of psychotherapy and medication, TM has, without doubt, been the thing that has helped me the most. I finally feel like the filters of depression and anxiety are gradually being lifted and I am seeing the world and my true self for the very first time in my life. I will always be grateful to Adam for teaching me TM, something that I will continue to practise for the rest of my life.

Emily Warner

I enjoyed learning about how powerful a meditation technique can be and how something so simple can have such a huge affect on your life.

 Adam was extremely supportive throughout the course and explained everything in such detail. I felt very at ease with him as a teacher and since the course Adam has continued to be very supportive.

For me the meditation as made me a happier person. I now notice the little things that I didn’t before. I am a lot calmer and my anxiety and overthinking is so much better. After the meditation I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated.

My first experience was great. I have never felt my body relax so much. My eyelids felt so heavy when I opened them after the meditation showing how much my body had really let go. I felt like my mind had time to process everything that we have to deal with in our modern day to day lives.

 Absolutely! Cannot recommend learning with Adam enough. It was great and completely life changing.

Danny Estrada

I truly enjoyed the way Adam was able to demystify a lot of the myths of meditation and was really able to help me lay a foundation which has been critical to my spiritual growth and development.

He was able to understand my specific struggles with meditation having tried some forms before but never feeling I was quite doing it right. He offered some great yet simple techniques that made all the difference.

He made it easy for me to immerge myself into the entire process which turned out to be a spiritual milestone. However, what I enjoyed the most was being given my mantra knowing that it came from Adam’s appreciation of my being.

Adam has a way, not just with words but his being. He’s driven by empathy and made it easier for me to open up, especially as a man when bottling up emotions can be so corrosive to our sense of being.

To date, Adan has been a spiritual guide and has played an important role in helping me become more grounded through meditation but also insight.

One of the biggest differences I’ve noted is my improved sleep. I had struggled with this in past years, often experiencing bouts of insomnia which used to drain the joy out of existence.

I also find it much easier to simply be present but more importantly, it has helped to redefine the relationship I have myself and can spot the ego with more ease. I guess now that I think more about it, it has certainly increased my overall sense of wellbeing and brought light to where there was once a lot of darkness.

At one point, it felt like some inner burden or heavy baggage with all sorts of emotions had been festering within and suddenly there was a release. Like when you pull the plug out the bath and suddenly everything that had been clogging you mind, your judgement and emotions started to drain. I was able to feel free in a long while which probably explains how emotional I become but it wasn’t sadness, it was relief.

I wouldn’t think twice to recommend Adam. Especially for those who like me, aspired to become more spiritual being and experience life with greater meaning. In Adam, I have found not just a guide but also a dear friend.