About Baldwin Wellness Meditation

I have been teaching Vedic Meditation for a number of years. This is my personal story about how I came to learn and then teach this wonderful, life-changing practice.
Adam Baldwin

My Personal Journey

“I stood on the balcony in the searing Greek heat and my thoughts fell away. Silence swept over me like a wave swallowing a rowing boat in a storm. For the first time that I could remember, I was not in the grip of my overactive mind. I was still.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was in samadhi, a state of mental absorption in inner bliss and quiet. I was 25, travelling in Greece alone, and had been suffering from depression, with a mind that could not let go of the past or stop worrying about the future.

Searching for Meaning

When I got home, I felt the need to understand this sweet, calming experience. So, I spent years studying Buddhist meditations and experiencing different forms of yoga. I was even seduced by ‘free’ meditations but learned that spiritual journeys can offer false leads and gurus.

Along the way, I had many wonderful experiences, but none compared to what I’d felt in Greece, which I now know to be the intimacy of transcendence.

Discovering Vedic Meditation

After trying many different types of meditation, eventually I discovered Vedic Meditation and realised that is what I’d experienced all those years ago in Greece.

“In this world, there is nothing so sublime and pure as transcendental knowledge. Such knowledge is the mature fruit of yoga. And one who has achieved this enjoys the self within himself in due course of time.” Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, Text 38

So, I began to study the meditative practice and, in so doing, noticed remarkable changes in my life.

Connecting to the Real World

For a long time, I considered my meditative practices as separate from the real world. But I came to realise through Vedic Meditation that our inner, spiritual world greatly affects the way we perceive and behave in the outer world.

As my inner connections developed, in ways other practices hadn’t given me, my life improved in every way.

I gained more true friends, strengthened existing relationships and let go of unhealthy friendships.

I enjoyed work more, produced greater results and had an improved sense of self. Grudges and resentments disappeared, as anger was naturally replaced with loving kindness.

As my dedication to this practice strengthened, my inner connection deepened and my life flourished!

Transforming Lives and Teaching Vedic Meditation

Having seen first-hand how this simple technique dramatically changed my life, I soon realised that I was not alone in experiencing such changes.

Through meeting other Vedic Meditation practitioners, I learned how it had also had a profound effect on their lives.

Addicts freed from their addictions, anxiety sufferers who were able to live calmer lives, and many more besides.

Over the years, I have enjoyed watching how these new friends have developed and grown through their inner journey with meditative practice. These people, coupled with my own life-changing experience, inspired me to learn how to teach meditation.

Now, I have the privilege of leading people on their own inner journey, watching them dissolve their stresses and allowing themselves to thrive. People of different backgrounds, professions and beliefs have benefited from this simple, natural and effortless technique.